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Li-Socl2 lithium battery /Li-MnO2 lithium battery:
High operating voltage and stable (lithium 3.6v, lithium manganese 3.0v)
High energy density (700WH/KG lithium, 450WH/KG lithium manganese soft pack)
Long storage life, 25℃ annual self-discharge rate not more than 2%

Tip: immediately remove the depleted battery from the appliance
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ER34615S ER34615S 3.6V lisocl2 3.6V battery D size high temperature b Detail
ER341245S ER341245S 3.6V lisocl2 3.6V battery DD size high temperature Detail
ER2450 er2450 3.6V primary lithium button coin battery 500mAh Detail
ER14505M ER14505m 3.6V spiral primary lithium AA size battery li-socl Detail
ER17335M ER17335M 3.6Vspiral primary lithium 2/3 size battery which c Detail
ER17505M ER17505M 3.6V spiral primary lithium A size battery Detail
ER26500M er26500m 3.6V spiral primary lithium C size battery Detail
ER34615M er34615m 3.6V spiral type primary lithium D size battery Detail
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