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How to replace the battery of Card water?


How to replace the battery of Card water?

Steps of replacement:

1, First sorting the meters original battery is 3.0V, 3.6V, 6.0V or 7.2V li-mno2 or li-socl2 battery;


2, check the model of the batteries, ordinary are CR123A CR14505 CR17450 CR17505 CR18505 CR26500, ER14250M ER14335M ER14505M. Or 6V 2CR14505 2CR17335 2CR17450 2CR17505, 2ER14250M 2ER14335M 2ER14505M with plugs;


3, Finally you can cut the original old battery wires, change the line welding at the cathode connection, confirm the voltage,  and black to black connecting, red to red connection. 



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