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Smart application of internet of things


What is wisdom logistics?

Intelligent logistics is fully integrated with sensing, positioning and tracking, data processing, etc. which gives logistics system a human intelligent, such as thinking, perception, learning, reasoning, and solve some problems by itself.

Specifically, the following Internet of things technology:

1, Sensor

By scanning the barcode or RFID identification information, realize the two-way traceability of the product production, transportation, storage, transfer and other information, to achieve security and identify function, in some special fields such as drugs, cold chain transportation makes very high commercial value.

2, GIS, GPS, Navigation Positioning Technology

Based on the combination of satellite navigation positioning technology and geographic information system, real-time vehicle positioning, transportation cargo monitoring, online scheduling and distribution visualization management are available for operation.

At present, the whole network and intelligent management of the network is not visible, but the primary application is common, the most typical is the tracking of the goods from the E-mall and the vehicle positioning of cold-food real-time monitoring system application more extensive.

3, Robot and UAV delivery

Machine substitutions is integrated operations to improve the productivity of essential items.

First of all, the process of logistics packaging, warehousing, handling, palletizing, sorting and other processes are in large quantities, the robot is clearly more competent than human. After the third generation of logistics system technology, many online logistics enterprises have realized the automation of the robot upgrade.

In the United States, Amazon and its small partners have been approved in many cities tried unmanned delivery. Facebook, Alibaba's rookie logistics, Jingdong logistics followed by actively exploring this field.

4, Data analysis and smart technology

On the high-speed operation of logistics operations line, the high-frequency flow of information has highlighted the potential of big data.

RFID sensor makes it easy for us to get a lot of data, and the use of these data has become a lot of challenges for companies. If there is a comprehensive data strategy support for business intelligence, will case unprecedented results.

For example, A NBA basketball team is also equipped with a data acquisition system in the training, try to track the location of the balls and the players to collect the data for analysis, which can save a lots of human works.

 5, Other technologies

Pos Technology: POS (PointOfSale) system, the sales dynamic data should be promptly sent to the production, procurement, supply chain, POS automatically reading to share the whole supply chain of instant data.

CPFR Technology: collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment is a collaborative supply chain inventory management technology. CPFR can timely and accurately predict the demand peaks and fluctuations caused by various promotional or abnormal changes, so that vendors and suppliers can win the initiative.

However, action of plan has great difficulty  the technical level has been gradually improving, but consumers psychological needs to accelerate the improvement. FANSO BATTERY adhere to the purpose of serving the community, , will make our batteries better than better, to make more perfect of Internet of things.

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