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The difference between RFID card and NFC card


The difference between RFID card and NFC card

NFC is developed on the basis of NFC, RFID is not much different from RFID as a nature, which are based on the geographical position of the signal transmission.


However, NFC and RFID have differences, NFC technology increases the point to point communication function, you can quickly establish a Bluetooth device between the P2P (point to point) wireless communication, NFC equipment finds each other to establish a communication. Two parties of P2P communication is equal, but the two sides of the RFID communication equipment is main and subordinate relationship.


Also some other technical details:

Compared with RFID technology, NFC has short distance, high bandwidth and low energy consumption.

1.NFC is only limited to the 13.56MHz band! But RFID band has low frequency (125KHz to 135KHz), high frequency (13.56MHz) and ultra high frequency (860MHz to 960MHz).

2 Effective distance: NFC (less than 10cm, so it is high security), RFID distance from few meters to tens of meters.

3 Although both working on 13.56MHz, many manufacturers support NFC but not RFID because the unified and complex stand of RFID.

4 Applications: RFID is more applied in production, logistics, tracking, asset management, and NFC covers access control, public transportation, mobile payment and others.


Whatever, if RFID and NFC needs to work well, the constant power supply is the most important for whole process, including the quality , the performance, the warranty. FANSO ultrathin soft li-mno2 battery stays 3.0V supplying with 2% self-discharging rate per year. Which can help you devices to go more far away.

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