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Inspection and selection principle of lisocl2 battery



1, Battery selection principle

Lithium Thionyl Chloride  battery (short for lisocl2 battery) can be divided into energy type for small current application and power type for larger current usage.

(1) If maximum current is less than 100mA (such as smart electricity meters), energy type battery is prefer, because it does not require online activation, which is no security risk and needs a good anti disturbance design.

(2) If maximum current is greater than 100mA, power type battery is prefer, the design should content all the protection measures in case of security problems.


2, Inspection of battery

A, Check the voltage by meter, select units between 3.65~3.66V, if lower than 3.65V, or else Unqualified, the significant suggestion is measured after static placed for 15days at least.

B, Load represents the capacity of the battery. Since easy to generate a passive film on the electrode surface, the load is a variable number, which is related to the storage conditions and time. Before using the battery, you should check the volts one by one by meters, the load must be increased in the measurement, it dropped, then unqualified. 

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