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how is the ultrathin limno2 soft lithium battery?



Lithium manganese dioxide is a new chemical power supply with monomer cell voltage and energy.


1, high energy;

2, high output power;

3, long storage life;

4,wide temperature;

5, small dimensions;

6,flexible use:

Application: Intelligent instrument, national defense and military fields aerospace, underwater weapon, sonar, navigation, toll free collection system and other instruments. The huge global demand has reached to 2.4 billion each year.

With the development of networking platform, the new generation wireless electronic products matched with the battery as a convenient chemical energy to carry, potential of the market is undoubtedly huge, and the development of high energy lithium battery is base of electronic communication equipments.

Advantage of limno2 battery, as follows:

1,Higher energy, because both the solvent and the positive electrode active material, its energy is generally up to 270Wh/Kg, the low rate discharge up to 330Wh/Kg;

2,High voltage, the battery open circuit voltage of 1mA/cm2, 3.0V, the voltage can be kept 10% more or less when charging;

3, High and low temperature performance, can work normally in the -20 - 60 DEG C;

4, Good storage performance, can use 5 years or longer.

From a cost point of view, lithium manganese dioxide battery is mainly subject to the process complexity, equipment automation and material quality control requirements, but in future the cost will reduce by times.


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