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Difference between lithium metal and ion batteries


The well-know difference is non-rechargeable and rechargeable.

Lithium ion battery is an improved product of lithium battery. Lithium battery existed long time ago, but  as highly active metal, it is dangerous, which often burning, bursting in charging. Then people ingredients, such as cobalt, manganese, etc. to achieve the safe, efficient, convenient, and old lithium battery also basically eliminated.

Lithium metal lithium battery with the principle of the common dry battery, it is using the metal lithium as electrode, through the metal lithium corrosion or oxidation to produce electric energy, not rechargeable if run out.

 Lithium ion batteries generally use lithium cobalt as cathode, carbon as anode, filled with electrolyte in the middle to form an ion channel, using the diaphragm to separate positive and negative electrode to prevent short circuit. When charging, lithium ion electric go away from cobalt acid lithium, across the membrane pore, arrived at the negative electrode and react with carbon to make lithium carbonate; discharge process is contrary, lithium ion back to the cathode. This is the lithium ion battery charging and discharging process.

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