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ETC subvert the traditional parking lot


ETC full name for toll collection system, by information exchange between RFID tags and etc processing equipment, through the automated clearing background to toll collection. ETC is also borrowed from the concept of the electronic toll collection system, which make human doings to automatic settlement, to achieve the purpose of unattended parking.

Realization of unattended is only one corner of the ETC, ETCP greater ambition is broken trillion of automobile after service. When most of the car parks are integrated into the ETC, the parking lot is no longer the traditional sense of the parking lot, but the docking car O2O field entrance. Car wash, maintenance, car beauty, and even on the car in the parking lot, intimate and convenient

Parking intelligent, convenient is the general trend, and from the administrator to the unattended labor, but unlike simply a change in the form of payment, ETCP no parking system is carried out from the source of change.For the traditional parking lot, ETC in the parking area to ensure the original revenue model, the cloud based data can be carried out to support revenue more value-added services.

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