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Wuhan Fanso Technology Co.,Ltd designs and produces Lithium ion capacitor can realize large discharge current and pulse discharge at -40 ~+85 DEG C, full compatible with lithium thionyl chloride batteries will be long-lived to supply power for intelligent instruments.


* long-time lithium thionyl chloride batteries and lithium ion capacitor combination;

* excellent characteristics of lithium thionyl chloride batteries and lithium ion capacitor;

* long acting, high current pulse capability;

* high capacity, long service life;

* high temperature performance;

* high current pulse characteristics;

* no voltage delay;

* high safety performance, good reliability;

* good storage performance, low self discharge rate; 


* data collector;

* Emergency rescue system;

*GPS location tracking;

*RFID system;

* communication equipment;

* remote wireless transmission system;

* data logger;

* Logistics location tracking;


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