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fanso GPS battery


GPS stands for Global Positioning System, as the technology upgrades, the consumption is reducing year by year, so the power supply for GPS is becoming more and more important, but do you know What are the application of GPS satellite positioning?

The application of GPS satellite positioning is very extensive, and is mainly used in:

1, For ships, cars, aircraft and other moving objects navigation.

2, Vehicle management and monitoring GPS products.

3, Mobile asset management monitoring.

4, The elderly, children and pets caring.

5, Enterprises and institutions, personnel management.

6, Navigation of ships and inbound water diversion.

7, Emergency life-saving.

8. Air route guidance and approach landing.

9. Automobile autonomous navigation.

10, Ground vehicle tracking and urban intelligent traffic management.

11, Personal tours and field adventures.


Some junior may ask why not use the power of the city electric or vehicle ?

GPS is designed for monitoring, security and life-saving, so the accuracy is very important, eg if the car have an accident, the whole electric system is damaged, where is the power from ?

To avoid similar things happen , lots of device manufacturer choose primary FANSO lithium battery, especially the large types such as ER26500H(C type), ER34615H(D type) and CP1004560(prismatic shape), the same features are:

1, high voltage for different chipset;

2, large capacity to 19AH;

3, adapt various environment;

4, low self discharge rate.

FANSO owns lithium thionyl chloride battery and lithium manganese doxide battery for different output and capacitor,

at present the C and D types are widely used for many famous Vehicle parts manufacturers all over the world.


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