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FANSO lisocl2 spiral battery –No1 of this industry


30 years ago, FANSO began to engage in technical research and development of lithium batteries, FANSO owns unique technological advantages, has been leading the Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries industry and Lithium Manganese batteries for decades, especially Spiral Chloride Lithium batteries.

Spiral type lithium batteries with high pulse and large current output as the biggest performance feature, at present FANSO spiral battery capacity from 750mah to 13000mah, continuous current from 100mA to 1800Ma, the pulse current from 200mA to 3500ma, all of this parameter make a high output spiral battery. Now it can be widely used in military, security, GPS tracking, medical equipment, industrial equipment and other needs of various equipment and high output.


FANSO is engaged in international trade for 12 years, widely used in many places abroad at present, FANSO has passed ISO and ROHS factory audit, and obtained UL, CE, UN and a series of security and transportation related identification. On the one hand, it verifies the quality of our products, and on the other hand, it is convenient to our customers.


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