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FANSO do a favor to street parking system


FANSO do a favor to upgrade the street smart parking system,  

1, A router on the car which can and write read the IC card, ID card and bank card for expense charging, we call R1;

2, A dector in the ground to detect  the cars' parking, we call D1;

3, Another detector in the ground to identify the car, we call D2;


Working process:

1, owner find a place to park the car, then D1 detect the car parked and send the area number to the D2, D2 will mark the time and identify the router in the car.

2, owner left the place, D1 will detect the empty place and send s feedback to D2, D2 will calculate the parking time and noted the car number, then send to the cloud center for backup.

3, R1 will calculate and make debt.


FANSO ER34615H is a high capacity lithium primary battery, which is 3.6V can suppor the IC working , and large capacity for a long time working.


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