Exclusive patents: horizontal groove at the bottom of the battery ,
lead direct releasing to avoid irregular operation and cause a vicious accident
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When RFID is introduced into industries such as industry, logistics, medicine and education, it enables people or businesses to make real time control and reduce costs for facilitating and efficiency work . To achieve synchronization of real time and offline,  wireless transmission methods will be widely considered to effect. Compared with phone and handle tools, RFID and tags are more reasonable to reduce communication cost and energy consumption at regular intervals.

Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries offer the longest life expectancy with low cost, wide temperature coverage, low self-discharge rates, and high-safety designs. FANSO Technology provides FANSO battery services for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) in the Asia,  the United States and Europe. Real-time location systems loaded with FANSO batteries are used for real-time route tracking of vehicles, patients, asset and warehouse management.


FANSO spiral type batteries with large capacity, which density reach up to 700Wh/kg, support large work and pulse current discharging, will be excellent for non-source devices, especially the GPS and Bluetooth transmit.

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