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FANSO Battery pack technology and safety


Battery combination technology and safety issues

The purpose of the battery pack:

1, Increase capacity,

2, Increase power;

3, Increase operating current/voltage.

Possible problems with battery packs: Battery backfill and battery overdischarge.



For the battery packed in series, if one of the batteries failed, but the circuit is still working with high current,This faulty battery will maintain the high current output, but the battery itself may not own the ability, which will case a forced discharge and it may cause security dangers.

However, if the diode loaded, the current will flow from the lower resistance side  and no longer current through the faulty battery, so the circuit is protected.

For the battery packed in parallel,if one of the batteries failed, it will cause high voltage difference between two batteries, one battery will recharge another battery, which may cause security dangers.


FANSO Technology makes  battery pack since 2003, our senior technicians make safety design and skilled worker make the stable quality.


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