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Comparison of the choose of NB-IoT and LoRa technology.


Comparison of the choose of   NB-IoT and LoRa technology.

NB-IoT  features:

1,Wide coverage, in the same frequency band, NB-IoT is 20dB than the existing network, 100 times the coverage area;

2,NB-IoT can support up to 100,000 connections, support low latency sensitivity, low cost equipment, low power consumption and optimized network architecture;

3,Lower power consumption, NB-IoT terminal module standby time can be up to 10 years; (if the terminal send a 200byte message everyday, 5 watts battery make durable 12.8 years)

4,Lower module costs, the enterprise expects a single successive module to no more than $ 5.


LoRa's features:

Greatly improved the acceptance of the sensitivity, reducing power consumption. Up to 157db of link budget makes it up to 15 kilometers (environment-related). 10mA receive current, sleep current 200nA, which greatly delayed the battery life;

Efficiency capacity. Each gateway can handle 5 million communications between nodes each day (assuming 10Bytes per transmit, 10% network usage). If the gateway is installed at the existing mobile communication base station, the transmission power is 20dBm (100mW), then the city environment  can cover about 2km, and in the lower density suburb, the coverage can reach 10 kilometers;

LoRa is lower power consumption and lower cost compared to NB-IoT, also meet the needs of the Internet applications. The NB-IoT bandwidth is greater, more suitable for large network coverage, but it can only be deployed in a long-term power supply scenarios, and LoRa does not need. This also means in the future most of the applications will adapt LoRa and transmit data via NB-IoT.

NB-IoT and LoRa Application Scenario Applicability Comparison

Smart electricity metering

High transmission rate and frequent communication requirements, NB-IoT is more suitable for smart meter selection. And the meter is generally installed in a densely populated area, so for the operator network is also easier.


Smart agriculture

LoRa is very suitable for such a scene. And many remote farms or arable land does not cover the cellular network, even alone 4G / LTE, so NB-IoT is not as good as LoRa for smart agriculture.

Automated manufacturing

For the real time monitoring to guaranty the producing capacity, many different sensors and devices are working together, to ensure the QoS, NB-IoT is better choice. However, some scene requires low cost, low power and battery to trace, monitor status only. LoRa is a prefer.

Intelligent Building

Single building is independent network, choose LoRa.

Retail POS

It requires frequency and reliable communication, which specialized designed with power system, choose NB-IoT.

Logistic tracking

Battery life, portable communication, base station support, signal stable on high speed , so choose LoRa.


At present, compared to NB-IoT, LoRa is the most mature and stable narrowband Internet of information communication technology, the private network is far superior to the operators’ charged NB network, and LoRa is charged only once, But the application of LoRa Internet development is difficult, long cycle and high threshold.

So you can choose the most suitable for your application, which depends on your variety application environment, but first of all, the wireless terminal devices or sensors need good signal transmit and backup power source.

FANSO single battery voltage can reach up to 3.6V or 3.0V with large capacity and stable discharging ability ,  you can charge high capacity type or large pulse type on

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