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water meter battery for remote supporting


Advantages of remote meter reading technology

Compared with traditional meter reading technology, residential remote meter reading has greater advantages in compatibility, openness, flexibility, advancement and economy, and it is more conducive to construction and maintenance.

Compatibility aspects. The compatibility of remote meter reading system means that because of its’ complete independence, it is not related to the supporting equipment of the application system, so it is adaptable and can be used with a variety of devices. After processing, the integrated management of different signals can be realized, and the waste of funds, time, manpower and material resources for laying each line of equipment can be avoided.

Open aspect. The open type system used in the remote meter reading system conforms to a variety of current international standards and is open to many remote tables.

Flexibility. Remote meter reading system using standard transmission lines and hardware, and modular design for the relevant line, implements a universal channel, can support different equipment, to avoid the tedious process of change lines, increase the flexibility of the network.

Reliability aspects. Data transmission network system is the high quality material and assembly scheme of high level, and the completion of the information transmission channel, cable and connection are related security certification, channel electrical performance after professional testing, high reliability.

Advanced aspects. The materials used in the technology are using the most advanced process standards, effectively ensuring its advanced nature. Sixth, the economy. In the early stage of the application process of residential far meter system, a higher proportion of investment, but through the unified management of water resources and electric remote meter reading, to avoid a lot of duplication of work, improve energy efficiency, long-term perspective, is more economical and practical.

Transmission mode of remote transmission system

Distribution system: pulse water meter is a line system, a water meter with a signal line, collector catch the data one by one, technically speaking more mature, but the wiring is too much, complex engineering, large maintenance work.

Bus: usually adopts the Modbus system, integrated design, high reliability, easy installation, reduced wiring, system debugging and less maintenance, and share network with other systems (such as security), simple optimization cabling work. The collector take district as unit, meter reading by manual meter reading, can also automatically upload through the network (such as GPRS).


Fanso lithium lisocl2 battery with 3.6V high voltage and large current output, which adapt the water meter very well, also can be widely used in various different terrible environmen
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