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Li-Socl2 lithium battery
3.6V high stable voltage
High energy density(700kw/kg)
Long shelf life(Self-discharge rate less than 1% at 25℃)
Stainless steel container and end caps
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CP405050 CP405050 FANSO 2400MAH LIMNO2 BATTERY Detail
CP502025 CP502025 FANSO LIMNOW 450MAH BATTERY Detail
CP352440 1, Dimension: 3.5*24.5*41.0mm;2, Weight: 5.5g;3, Capacity: 7 Detail
CP303047 1, Dimension: 3.1*32*47.0mm;2, Weight: 7g;3, Capacity: 1000m Detail
CP224147 CP224147 3.0V primary lithium ultrathin soft battery 800mah Detail
CP144920 cp144920 limno2 battery Detail
CP305050 CP305050 3.0V primary lithium ultrathin soft battery 1600mah Detail
CP383047 CP383047 3.0V primary lithium ultrathin soft battery 1350mah Detail
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