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Li-Socl2 lithium battery
3.6V high stable voltage
High energy density(700kw/kg)
Long shelf life(Self-discharge rate less than 1% at 25℃)
Stainless steel container and end caps
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CP904560 1, Dimension: 9.0*45.5*60.0mm;2, Weight:45g;3, Capacity: 620 Detail
CP603448 1, Dimension: 6.2*35.0*49.0mm;2, Weight:18g;3, Capacity: 230 Detail
CP502627 1, Dimension: 5.2*26.0*27.0mm;2, Weight: 6.5g;3, Capacity: 7 Detail
CP405050 CP405050 FANSO 2400MAH LIMNO2 BATTERY Detail
CP502025 CP502025 FANSO LIMNOW 450MAH BATTERY Detail
CP352440 1, Dimension: 3.5*24.5*41.0mm;2, Weight: 5.5g;3, Capacity: 7 Detail
CP303047 1, Dimension: 3.1*32*47.0mm;2, Weight: 7g;3, Capacity: 1000m Detail
CP224147 CP224147 3.0V primary lithium ultrathin soft battery 800mah Detail
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